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Character Concept Contest Entries! Please vote for the one you feel is most original! 

43 deviants said

Mature Content

Mystical Evening by Aya-Lunar
25 deviants said Amber by DevilishEvelyn
21 deviants said b r o n z e by Ayotamine
21 deviants said Kae'Rilia, Queen of Lilies by TheUnconfidentArtist
19 deviants said Forest Spirit [Contest] by Astral-Chan
14 deviants said

Mature Content

Danae by VialofFire
13 deviants said The Lady of the Solstice by MoonstruckEye
4 deviants said Oooo...Pretty by ENIMINEMOE
3 deviants said enchantress by artgalleon
1 deviant said ~Butterfly~ by MoonPrincess-Yumi

Contest Closed! Voting Open!

The poll will stay open at least until the end of October, so you have plenty of time to ask your followers to support your piece!
I will give a more specific date for the end of voting soon!
Thank you to everyone who entered! I am so grateful to all of you for your help and I hope you all enjoyed creating your characters!
All the pieces are absolutely gorgeous, so making the shortlist was really hard and took longer than expected, but the poll is finally up for voting!
Polls only allow 10 voting options, which is why I had to create a shortlist, so I'm sorry if your piece didn't make it to the poll.
The poll can be found at the top of my profile. Please feel free to vote for your own piece! And please ask your followers to come vote too~

I'm finally holding my first contest! Yes, it is an art contest
This is partly to give my followers a chance to win artwork from me, but I also really need your help!
[I finally got around to explaining what I'm asking for your help with here.]

So if you're interested in winning some artwork and a few points, and would like to help me out, continue reading.

It's important that I point out early that this isn't a free contest, there is a 150:points: (or £1*) entry fee.
I hope the entry fee doesn't dissuade people too much, but if you're still interested that's wonderful, you'll be helping me so, so much!
Everyone who enters will receive a lineart to colour and a first look at a new piece as my way of thanks.


As the title indicates, I want you to come up with a character concept. 
While my primary goal is to raise funds, I really want to encourage your creativity
I want you to enjoy the process, to love what you're doing and to be proud of your design regardless of the result of this contest. 
I want you to be inspired, I want you to inspire others, I want you to inspire me. 
It's all about spreading and sharing the spark of imagination.

I wanted a broad theme that wouldn't limit anyone, so I have chosen NATURE.
Supernatural, fantasy and science-fiction are all allowed, it just has to be inspired by something in nature.
Anything from a character who can control nature or elements,
to something as subtle as my moth-inspired witch is acceptable.
Make sure to include an explanation of your character's connection to the theme in the description.
Feel free to be as vague or detailed about this as you see fit, as long as their connection/inspiration is clear.

While this is an art contest, it will be judged based on creativity, not skill.
You are welcome to present your character on a character sheet or as complete drawing/painting.
I will accept traditionally and digitally drawn artwork only.
No photography, photomanipulations or literature.

There are only a few rules:

Bullet; Black Be sure to read this entire journal thoroughly.
Bullet; Black Follow DeviantARTs Terms of ServiceCopyright Policy and Etiquette Policy.
Bullet; Black Artwork must be 100% yours. You may not use dolls or bases etc..
Bullet; Black Characters must be humanoid female.
Bullet; Black Keep nudity tasteful and respectful.
Bullet; Black No pre-existing OCs.
Bullet; Black No fan OCs.

You will retain all rights to your new character.
You may create a character with the intention of using them in an already established world/story of your creation.
I ask that they be humanoid female because this will eliminate my potential bias during voting.
If you are unsure of what's acceptable as humanoid, feel free to leave a comment or send me a note.

Entrees and Entries

Thank you VialofFire for being the first to enter :heart:

VialofFire (x2)
RosewoodWonder (x1)
DevilishEvelyn (x2)
MoonPrincess-Yumi (x1)
Ayotamine (x1)
artgalleon (x1)
Astral-Chan (x1)
MoonstruckEye (x1)
TheUnconfidentArtist (x1)
Aya-Lunar (x1)
MarsKatt (x1)

Danaus + their bio by VialofFire 

Mature Content

Danae by VialofFire
  Mouse Lady by RosewoodWonder  Zora by DevilishEvelyn  ~Butterfly~ by MoonPrincess-Yumi  b r o n z e by Ayotamine  enchantress by artgalleon  Forest Spirit [Contest] by Astral-Chan  Oooo...Pretty by ENIMINEMOE  The Lady of the Solstice by MoonstruckEye  Kae'Rilia, Queen of Lilies by TheUnconfidentArtist 

Mature Content

Mystical Evening by Aya-Lunar
  Amber by DevilishEvelyn  Raven CE (also Inktober 1st drawing) by MarsKatt

I will comment on entries when I post the shortlist/poll.


All prizes will be made digitally.
Some prizes have been removed due to the lack of entries.
I will put them back in if/when enough people have entered.
Sorry, I hope you all understand.
1st Prize
-A Full-Body piece of their design or request
-A Half-Body piece of their design or request
+One Headshot from Astral-Chan 
1000:points: (50% of total pool)

2nd Prize
-A Half-Body piece of their design or request
+One Headshot Sketch from MaykaDyna 
-500:points: (25% of total pool)

3rd Prize
-A Bust piece of their design or request
+One Headshot Sketch from MaykaDyna 
-500:points: (25% of total pool)

+Aya-Lunar will feature all winners in a journal, donate 5:points: to each winner, and give you each a llama badge~

The point prizes will increase as I accumulate more points
The pool has been capped at 2000:points:
Current pool total: 2000:points:

I will also include an undetermined number of honorable mentions,
and all entries will be featured in a journal.

4th and 5th prize will be added if/when the contest reaches twenty entries.

Winners will be decided based on public vote of a shortlist I create.
The poll will stay open for voting probably for the duration of October.

I will be constantly updating this journal and will post occasional reminders.

Thanks to DuneDrifter and TJSS08 for their encouragement and donating points to help with this contest, 
and to DevilishEvelyn for her much needed advice and continued support,
to Ayotamine for her support and endless kindness,
to Astral-Chan and MaykaDyna for donating artwork for the prizes,
to Aya-Lunar for donating feature/points/llamas for the prizes,
and to all of my watchers for every favourite and comment.

If you need some points, head over to dAhub
you can earn points by watching people, adding work to your favourites and giving llamas~
make sure you read the rules and everything though ok

If you'd like to help but aren't interested in the contest-
I am still taking commissions!
I also have some prints for sale here
all my originals are for sale at low and negotiable prices (send me a note),
I've also started making adoptables EmsAdoptables,
or just share this journal with your watchers!

Or if you would like to donate prizes/points I would be extremely grateful~

If you have any questions or comments you can leave a comment or send me a note.

It was briefly in question if I was violating DeviantART Terms of Service by charging an entry fee. 
I have since been in touch with the help desk and they kindly and quickly confirmed that I am not violating any rules. Yay!
This is a work in progress,
feedback/advice is encouraged.
Updated: August 18th 2017
Commissions: OPEN

Slot 1: -empty-
Slot 2: -empty-
Slot 3: -empty-
Slots are not limited to three. More can be added if needed.

Exclamation If you are thinking about commissioning me, please read everything thoroughly Exclamation 

Types, Prices, Examples

Exclamation Prices are negotiable! If you are limited by a budget or don't have quite enough points, send me a note and we can work something out! Exclamation 

Exclamation Be aware that types and prices are be subject to change Exclamation 

Bust - 
Can be anywhere from the waist to shoulders upwards, depending on what the subject and design lends itself to.
Half-body - Can be anywhere from the knees to hips upwards, depending on what the subject and design lends itself to.
Full-body - Will be the entire body regardless of subject and design.


BUST - £20

or 2850:points:
[Commission] Calla by Emma-Warren   [Commission] Candace by Emma-Warren  [Commission] Yasamin by Emma-Warren [Commission] Kannorei by Emma-Warren
More examples coming soon~


or 4250:points:

Mature Content

Tora by Emma-Warren

More examples coming soon~


or 4960:points:
Examples coming soon~


Prices include postage within the UK only.
Overseas postage can be calculated upon order.

A4 Bust - £50

or 6990:points:
[Commission] Sombre Dreams by Emma-Warren [Commission] Air by Emma-Warren [Commission] Abyreth by Emma-Warren
More examples coming soon~

A4 Half-body - £60

or 8000:points:

Mature Content

untitled by Emma-Warren

More examples coming soon~

Bullet; Green Women
Bullet; Green Men
Bullet; Green Non-binary genders
Bullet; Green Backgrounds
Bullet; Green Original Characters
Bullet; Green Fan Characters
Bullet; Green Real People 
Bullet; Green Tasteful nudity and NSFW
Bullet; Green Some animals
Bullet; Green Fanart
Bullet; Green Blood and Gore

Bullet; Green I will gladly accept commissions that do not meet with any of the types listed, we can negotiate price based on content.
Bullet; Green I will gladly accept commissions based on concepts. You do not need a character or person in mind.

I won't draw:

Bullet; Red Complicated structures
Bullet; Red Pornography (explicit sexual content)
Bullet; Red Anything hateful
Bullet; Red Anything that makes me uncomfortable

Terms of Service

Exclamation Terms of Service may be subject to change Exclamation 


First things first, send me a note with 'commission' in the subject.
In the note you should include:
Bullet; Black What type of commission you are requesting (bust/torso/fullbody and digital/traditional).
Bullet; Black What you are asking me to draw (your OC, a real person, other fictional character etc.).
Bullet; Black Tell me their name and a bit about them (personality, backstory etc.). The more the better.
Bullet; Black Thorough written description of appearance. Describe their appearance and colours for me. Tell me eVeRyThInG La la la la 
Bullet; Black Reference pictures.
Bullet; Black Anything else you'd like me to include.
Don't worry about talking about OCs too much. The more you talk about them the better. I love your characters and I love your passion for them, it all helps in recreating them in my style.

Please note:
Bullet; Black I will always post my work on DeviantART - unless you ask me not to.
Bullet; Black I usually post my work on Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook - unless you ask me not to.
Bullet; Black Please tell me if there is anywhere you don't want me to post the work I create for you (eg. Twitter, Snapchat).
Bullet; Black If I want to use your commission in any other way (advertising, prints etc.), I will always ask you first.
Bullet; Black If the character belongs to you, I will always credit you.
Bullet; Black I will always post my work with a watermark, you may not remove it.
Bullet; Black You may not crop, edit or otherwise alter the artwork I create for you.
Bullet; Black If you wish to post your commission on any website, you must have my expressed permission first.
Bullet; Black If you wish to use your commission in any other way, you must have my expressed permission first.


I will request your payment before I start your piece.
The moment I recieve payment my time is dedicated to your commission.
No refunds. You may not cancel a piece I have already started working on.
If for any reason you are unhappy with the piece I create with you, I urge you to let me know so that I can resolve any dissatisfaction. I want you to be happy! 


Paypal is my first choice of payment.
I'll ask for your e-mail address and I'll send you an invoice via PayPal.
You don't need an account with them to use PayPal, just a credit or debit card and e-mail address.


If you are paying with points, please use the commission widget!
I will not accept points received through the donation widget as commission payment.
Please don't be too shocked by the point prices,
they are considerably higher because:
dA take 20% and only pay into PayPal in USD,
which PayPal charge 3.8% to convert into GBP.
PayPal then charges 3.4% and 20p per transaction,
SO, price = GBP + 7.2% + 20p + 20%

Exclamation ALL PRICES INCLUDE PAYPAL FEES! Exclamation 

Time Frame

How long your commission takes is dependant on both the type of commission and the complexity of the design.

Simpler designs should take around three to five days. More complex designs could take as long as ten days or more.

Keep in mind that these are estimates of how long the piece itself takes, it does not represent the time you will wait.
I do one piece at a time on a first-come-first-serve basis, so the customer in Slot 1 is the piece I am currently working on.
You will know when I have started your commission when your username appears in Slot 1. This should happen as soon as I accept payment.
I will only update you on the progress of your piece if you ask me to.
I am happy to show you how the piece is progressing if you ask.
If you want the piece by a certain date, it's really important that you tell me.

When your commission is finished I will upload your piece to DeviantART and tag you in the description,
which should send you a notification, but I will also send you a note with the link to be 110% sure you receive the piece.
I will also send you the stash link to the full resolution image without a watermark for PERSONAL use only.

Note that I am a human being. Please talk to me with respect and I will return the courtesy.
I will always respond to messages as quickly as possible.
Sometimes I will need to take a break, maybe I've gone to visit friends/family,
or maybe I just ran out of spoons, or had a bad day, 
I will take absolutely no notice of pushy, inconsiderate or demanding behaviour.
I will always behave professionally, I just ask that you be nice.

Exclamation If you request a commission this means you have read, understood and agree to everything Exclamation 

Have I missed something out?
Do you have any questions?
Or suggestions?
Updated: October 1st 2017
[40% raised so far]

If you're the kind of generous human (or alien) that might be inclined and capable of helping me out a little, there are a few ways:
  • I take commissions. Here is a link to my Commission Information Journal for all the information you should need.
  • I've also started making adoptables over at EmsAdoptables if that kind of thing interests you.
  • I'm holding a Character Concept Contest with a small entry fee, with points and artwork as prizes.
  • I have a few of my pieces available as prints through dA. I'm hoping to create new work to sell as prints here and on various other sites asap.
  • All my originals are available for sale at very low and negotiable prices with free shipping within the UK. Send me a note if you're interested.
  • Or you could Buy Me a Coffee
  • or donate in any amount into My PayPal
Commissions are always preferable over donations, but every little helps.
Even your advice is helpful~

I know many probably won't find this to be a 'worthy cause', that's totally fine, I understand. I've tried to word this carefully, and to not go on too much, because I'm all too aware of the struggles others are having, far more difficult and pressing financial issues, but it can't hurt to put this out there, right? If you yourself are looking to raise funds for any purpose, please feel free to leave a comment with a link.

Every donation and penny I make on my contest, commissions, adoptables, prints and originals and everything will be put towards this. E v e r y l a s t p e n n y.
If you know of any contests with decent cash prizes that you think might suit me, please do point them out~

I'm not very good at asking for help. The only reason I've gotten around to even writing this out is because after a conversation with a bank manager I was just trying to do everything I can to stop bawling my eyes out. I find myself in a constant state of high anxiety so the anxiety I feel over posting this publicly should be nothing in comparison.

I took out a small overdraft on my debit account to help ends meet back in 2008. A matter of months later I lost my job and ended up all the way into the £200 overdraft. Despite my best efforts I've never managed to get back out of it again. I've been employed since then but a whole array of issues got in the way of being able to pay it off. I'm unemployed again now due to my chronic mental and physical health conditions and I'm at a total loss. Charges on the overdraft are unmanageable. I have no such thing as a spare penny to put towards getting out of this situation. I can't remember the last time I slept well, ate well, or was able to really relax. I can barely focus on the things I enjoy for the pit of anxiety in my stomach. I don't spend money on anything except the bare necessities. The only luxury I enjoy is having an internet connection because at least that gives me the chance to take commissions. I've borrowed so much money from friends and family to just stay afloat and I can't cope with this anymore. £200 doesn't even sound like a lot of money but for someone with almost no income it might as well be in the millions. I'm left with little choice but to share my situation and the effect it's having on me and ask for your help.

I've not updated the progress of this for a couple of weeks because I needed to take my kitty to the vet, so unfortunately I needed to dip into the fund to pay for the visit and treatment. I think I've already managed to replace most of the cost but I'm waiting for things to clear before I update the figures.

Current Overdraft Progress:
(£80.64 of £200)
^ Approximate - I'll update as things clear into my account.

Beyond paying off this overdraft, there are a number of other things in my life I need to sort out.
  • A small water bill, which may or may not already be paid off by the time I reach my goal - it's being paid off £20 a month out of my benefits.
  • Pay back friends and family who have helped me out in the past - approx £150 - £200.
  • Save up for a cover-up tattoo, to cover a disaster of a tattoo and some ugly scarring. I estimate this will cost approx £150.
  • Save up for the remaining parts needed to build a desktop computer to replace Frankenstein's laptop. Approx £100.
  • A number of small expenses that add up to??? Idek?? More info soon???

When I have reached my goal I will hold a charity fundraiser, probably for MIND or Cats Protection but I am entirely open to suggestions.
UPDATE: I had an informal interview to volunteer with Cats Protection and shall be doing a trial day soon~

Thank you to everyone who has helped so far, you are beautiful beings.
Please know how much you've helped, and how much it means to me.
I love you all so much~



Artist | Varied
United Kingdom
Deviant since '03 under little-elf.
I also make adoptables over at EmsAdoptables

I've been drawing longer than I can remember. Art is, and always has been, my passion. I've still got a lot to learn and there is always room for improvement, but I strive to find ways to express myself through my artwork and to share my love and passion, not just for art but for love and life.

While I mostly work traditionally with watercolours I also use graphite, ink and markers from time to time and I'm also getting back into digital art for the first time in years.

As my confidence with my own work has grown so has my skill and love for what I do. I am hoping to build and publish my own website soon, and begin creating works to sell as prints and originals through various sites while also trying to extend my online presence through all appropriate social media.



I will not respond to notes or comments asking for points.


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